Music of Upcoming Movie Load Wedding Unveiled

'Rangeya' weaves magic into 'Load Wedding'

Music of Load Wedding Unveiled

The music of the upcoming blockbuster Load Wedding, presented by Filmwala Pictures and Geo Films released on 1st August, 2018.

Filmwala Pictures in collaboration with Zee Music Co. released one video track of the song “Rangeya” along with five audio tracks from the film Load Wedding. The music of the movie is composed by the music maestro Shani Arshad who had also composed Actor in Law’s and Na Maloom Afraad’s hit songs earlier.

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The album of the film consists of beautiful composition matched with soulful lyrics and brilliant playback singing. From some groovy dance numbers to melodious romantic tracks,  Songs will be regrettable to the audience in every mood. The music of the film also brings out the beautiful essence of Punjab in its melody and lyrics.

The songs show the effortless on-screen chemistry between Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat through which they continue to steal our hearts with their endearing avatar, dance moves and oh-so-perfect expressions.

The album consists of these 5 tracks: Rangeya, Good Luck, Munday Lahore De, Kooch Na Karin and Fakeera.

Fizza Ali Meerza, CEO Filmwala Pictures states

The music of Load Wedding is very different from our last 3 films. We have made sure that the music is very culturally rich and rooted. It will definitely be loved by the audience and will remind them of the beautiful Punjab.

Nabeel Qureshi, Director Load Wedding said in a statement.

The musical arrangement of the songs is simply incredible! You are going to groove with the music and find yourself hum recurrently. All of us had a blast shooting for Load Wedding.

Load Wedding will be released by Distribution Club in Pakistan and Zee International Studios worldwide on 22nd Aug, 2018.